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Zoltan Janka
Department of Psychiatry,
Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged

Medical Faculty of University Medical School, Szeged (1968-1974); M.D.(summa cum laude): 1974 (registration number: 61/1974, SZOTE ÁOK); Specialization in Neurology: 1978 (registration number: 861/1978); Specialization in Psychiatry: 1983 (registration number: 1146/1983); M.D.: 1974; Ph.D.: 1985; Dr.habil.: 1996., Doctor of Science (Hungarian Academy of Sciences): 2006 (17 Feb 2006, MTA registration number: 4.521)

Tutor (1974-78), Senior tutor (1979-84), Lecturer (Assistant Professor) (1985-89), Department of Neurology and Psychiatry, University Medical School, Szeged, Hungary; Research Fellow (1976-77), Biological Research Center of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Szeged; Research Fellow (1980-82), Department of Anatomy and Human Biology, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia; Associate Professor (1989-1993), Dept. Neurol. Psychiat., Szent-Györgyi Univ. Med. School; Professor, Chairman (1993-1998), Department of Neurology and Psychiatry, Szent-Györgyi University Medical School, Szeged; Professor, Chairman (1998- ) Dept. Psychiat., Szent-Györgyi Univ. Med. School, Szeged; Professor, Chairman (2000- ) Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary

grade 4, 5 and 6 medical students (Hungarian and English programs) in all courses of psychiatry and psychopharmacology (previously in neurology also), postgraduate teaching for psychiatrists, general practitioners, other physicians and pharmacists in courses of biological and clinical psychiatry, psychopharmacology; lectures and practicals; supervision of graduate and postgraduate research assistants, teaching biological psychiatry and psychopharmacology for PhD students CLINICAL WORK: resident in neurology (1974-78), resident in psychiatry (1978-83); consultant in neurology and in psychiatry, consultant of geriatric psychiatry and neurology in old age homes (Szeged, 1978-92), expertise in clinical pharmacological trials; head of psychiatry ward (1985-93), head of psychiatry and chairman of the department (1993- ), out-patient practice.

(for teaching from the University Medical School): 'Excellent Teacher (1989)', (for teaching from the Student Organization of the Faculty of Medicine, English program): 'Lecturer of the Year (1995/96)', 'Best Lecturer (1996/97, 1997/98, 1998/99)'; (Hungarian program): ‘Best Lecturer (1997/98, 1999/2000); ‘Outstanding Lecturer’ (2000/01, 2004/05, 2005/06); ‘Best Lecturer’ (2006/2007); ‘Excellent Teacher of the Faculty’ (2003, from the Council of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged) (for scientific work by the Hungarian Psychiatric Association): G.Nyírő Scientific Award (twice, 1986, 1989), I.Hollós Scientific Award (2000) (from the Ministry of Education): István Széchenyi Professorial Scholarship (2000-2003) (from the Municipal Government of Jászberény): Honorary Citizenship of Jászberény City (April 3, 2007) (from the Hungarian Ministry of Health): Laszlo Batthyany-Strattmann Award (March 12, 2009)


cell and tissue cultures, quantitative morphology, electron microscopy, membrane transport of ions, intercellular communication of neuron and glia, synapse morphology and functioning, lithium transport of brain and other cells and in affective disorders, psychometry of music experience, art and psychiatry, epidemiological, clinical and biological aspects of dementia, biological psychiatry and psychopharmacology, biological and pharmacological markers of psychiatric disorders, clinical efficacy and safety of psychopharmacological compounds (phase II, III and IV study trials), cognitive functions in schizophrenia, molecular genetics of psychiatric disorders, pharmacogenetics, neuroimaging in schizophrenia, dementia and depression, creativity and psychopathology PROFESSIONAL ASSIGNMENTS: Secretary of the Hungarian Psychiatric Association (1984-89), Member of the Executive Council of the Hungarian Psychiatric Association (1989- ), Member of the Board of the Hungarian Biological Psychiatry Society (1980- ), Member of the College of Psychiatrists (1990- ); Vice President of the Hungarian College of Neuropsycho- pharmacology [HCNP] (1992- ), Vice President of the Hungarian Biological Psychiatric Society (1997- ); Member of the Board of Hungarian Society of Alzheimer's Disease; Member of the Editorial Board of Psychiatria Hungarica (1986- ); Member of the Editorial Board of Clinical Neuroscience /Hung. (1991- ), Member of the Editorial Board of Neurobiology (1993- ); Member of the Editorial Board of Acta Biologica Segediensis (2000-); Member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacogy (2003-2008); Board Member of the National Scientific Research Fund (OTKA) Committee (2003-2006); reviewing and assessing thesises (international PhDs included) and manuscripts; Member of Boards of Scientific Foundations (depression, drug addiction, dementia); Member of the Psychiatric Committe of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1993-2003); Member of the Clinical Neuroscience Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2003- ).