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Vera Binarová

Vera Binarová is a distinctive musician of the young generation. After graduating from the Conservatory in Pardubice (under Prof. Miloslav Neèesaný), she continued her studies at the Academy of Music Arts in Prague with Prof. Jaroslav Motlík. She then furthered her education in music at the School of Music in Vienna (Hochschule für Music) with Prof. Siegfied Fühlinger (a member of the Wiener Streich Sextet) and through private lectures with Prof. Marie Hlouòová. As part of her studies she attended interpretation courses in Iserlohn, Germany, and played in the orchestra of the Yehuda Menuhin Foundation (France 1991, 1992).

Since 1994 she has been a member of the Talich Chamber Orchestra, with which she has performed in concerts in many European countries and Japan, and also participated in recording a CD. Vìra Binarová also plays chamber music. In 1998 - 2002 she was a member of the JUPITER string quartet, and she regularly co-operates with the Capella Sancta Caecilia (Art. Manager Ivan Ženatý).

The young artist's first solo performance was in 1995 at concert at a festival in Wiesbaden, Germany. Besides regularly playing with the TKO, she co-operates with the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra of Western Bohemia in Mariánské Láznì, and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. She has also co-operated with well-known violinists such as Jan Talich Jr. and Shizuka Ishikava, recorded for Czech Radio, performed in the Cycle of Chamber Concerts of the Czech Philharmonic, at the Bohemia Magica Festival (France 2002), and in other European countries. Sarajevos winter 2005.

Her repertoire covers all the major works of the violin literature as well as works of contemporary Czech composers such as J. Filas and O. Mácha. She plays with an instrument from the house of Master Václav Vacek (1963).