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The Ensemble TIMF

The Ensemble TIMF was founded in 2001 as an ambassador of public relations for Tongyeong International Music Festival and with the aim of establishing a professional performing group. Consisting of Artistic Director Uzong Choe and other young performers, the Ensemble TIMF actively performs both nationally and internationally. Its diverse repertoire ranges from classical to contemporary music and the Ensemble has been praised for its contribution to increasing the numbers of contemporary music listeners and enthusiasts.

Ensemble TIMF also has been able to strengthen its position as the representative and most promising ensemble in Korea. Not only with classical or contemporary music but also with opera or original film music sound tracks: the ensemble has continuously broadened its scope on stage.

The Ensemble extends its performances to Asia and more, bridging Tongyeong and the rest of the world in musical diplomacy. Since 2003, Ensemble TIMF has been invited to several contemporary music festivals that hold significant meaning and status in the New Music scene.

After a successful premiere on an international stage as an invited guest orchestra for the Opening of Romania's Bacau Contemporary Music Days, the Ensemble has been invited to the prestigious contemporary, Darmstadt International Music Festival, the 48th Warsaw Autumn 2005, the 25th ACL World New Music Conference and Festival held by Asian Composers League, ARCO Arts Fair in Madrid, Venice Biennale in 2007, Aspekte Salzburg 2008, Musicarama Hong Kong in 2008, Alexandrina Contemporary Music Biennale 2009 in Egypt and Klara Festival 2009 in Belgium. The Ensemble TIMF has numerous concert plans up to the end of 2010.


Artistic Director: Uzong Choe
Conductor: Christopher Lee