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Sabine Hasicka

Viennese Tapdancer Sabine Hasicka has incorporated a number of folkloric and contemporary idioms into her special blend of rhythm tap. She draws on inspiration from argentine tango, bebop, contemporary chamber music and others, while focusing on innovative choreographic and compositional approaches to tap in different musical settings.

Trained in New York (as apprentice of Manhattan Tap under the guidance of tap master Heather Cornell, as student of taplegend Buster Brown, who she later had the honour of sharing the stage with, and of tapmaster Sam Weber) Buenos Aires (Tangotraining with Alejandra Mantinan, Cristina Cortes, José Garofalo, Mora Godoy) and Vienna (classical Ballet and Physiotherapy), Sabine Hasicka is currently living in vienna, where she has been collaborating and performing with numerous musicians and dancers: Jon Sass, Medellin Quartett and Martin Reiter, Alexander Lackner, Sebastian Weber and different jazz acts out of the Viennes and New York Jazz Scenes. Her show with the Medellin Quartet, “Viennoiseries”, was recently featured in a European PR tour for the Vienna Tourist Board, while her last show “short stories” with Heather Cornell was premiered at the prestigious “TAP AHEAD” Festival in Düsseldorf, May 2008.

Sabine has also coached the theatercombinat, an experimental theater company, for its recent production of „coriolan“.

Sabine teaches at the Vienna University for Performing Art (Musical) and at Vienna University for Sports.