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Koloss István
Koloss István was born in 1932. He studied organ music from Ferenc Gergely and composition techniques from István Szelényi. He was the main organ artist of the Szervita Church in Budapest from 1956, as well as of the Saint Steven Basilica from 1963.

He gave concerts in the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Slovakia.

His works were played not only in Europe but in the USA, in Canada, Japan, South-America, Australia and Malaysia as well.
He finished his oratory 'Hungaria Vivat' in 2008 in which he put to music the life and destiny of the Hungarian people from the old country to present days.

Honours: Pro Arte, Salgótarján 1981
Honorary Certificate for conducing to the Friendship of Peoples, Assisi 1982
Knight Cross of the Republic of Hungary, 2002