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Epoque Quartet

The Epoque Quartet Prague ensemble was founded at the beginning of 1999. Four outstanding soloists and chamber musicians with a wealth of stage experience were brought together not only by a collaboration defined by a unified perspective and affinity in the artistic realm but also by an uncommonly high level of enthusiasm for a genre not commonly found within the realm of "serious music", the area of jazz, rock and funk. Although the works of classical literature naturally form an inseparable part of the program of this ensemble, there is a sensitive openness to non-traditional arrangements which permits new possibilities in the implementation of string instruments and equally, a diversity of repertoire which has not previously been heard in Czech or international concert halls.

The members of the quartet are prize-winners of numerous international competitions (twice a first prize at the competition in Austrian Liezen, first prize in the international Ludwig van Beethoven quartet competition, the Jeunesse Musicale award) and the quartet has participated in other competitions (for instance, the Paolo Borciani Competition). Beyond the borders, the ensemble has performed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, England, Israel, Japan, Greece, Netherlands, in Poland and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Epoque Quartet makes an appearance regularly in the subscription concert cycles of the Czech Broadcasting Radio´s symphony orchestra, the Czech Nonnett and the association for chamber music, collaborates with the Czech broadcasting television and radio and is a regular guest at prestigious festivals, for example the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival (Germany), the Stuttgart Philharmonic cycle, the Metamorphoses (Switzerland), the Czech Träumereien, the České Krumlov Music Festival, the Ludwig van Beethoven Festival, the Moravian Autumn, among others.

In the year 2000, the members of the Epoque Quartet conducted a master class at the Jerusalem Music Academy in the area of jazz improvisation.

In the area of jazz, the quartet has worked with George Mraz, Benny Bailey, Yoshiko Kishono, among others.

There is also a collaboration with the Robert Balzar Trio at this time.