St. Gellert Festival
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Title St. Gellert Academy of the St. Gellert Institute of Music and Ethics
of the Ferenc Gál Theological College of Szeged

The Most Rev. Dr. László Kiss-Rigó
Bishop of Szeged-Csanád

Prof. Robert Christian Bachmann

Artistic & Music Director:
Robert Christian Bachmann

Musical Director:
Yoon Kuk Lee

Inspired involvement of spirit and soul, spontaneity with stylistic awareness and reaching out with immediate expressions are the essential characteristics of the St. Gellert Academy, an orchestra which was especially created for the St. Gellert Festival at the Cathedral of Szeged in 2008. At the invitation of Bishop Kiss-Rigó, Prof. Robert Christian Bachmann, founder and artistic director, established this orchestra, assembling young professional musicians in the spirit of St. Gellert.

The St. Gellert Academy will present under the artistic leadership of the Principal Conductor and together with the Principal Guest Conductor, Yoon Kuk Lee, creative symphonic programmes with a fine line of balance between masterpieces of the past and contemporary musical compositions.


Left: The Building of the Ferenc Gál Theological College at the Cathedral Square in Szeged.
Right: Bishop Dr. Lászlo Kiss-Rigo, Prof. R. C. Bachmann, Rector Dr. Gabor Kozma.